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CINEASTE- n. 1. A film or movie enthusiast.

Open Discussions on Films & TV of The Past, Present and Future

CINEASTE--. A film or movie enthusiast.
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cin·e·aste also cin·e·ast (sn-st) or cin·é·aste (sn-äst)
1. A film or movie enthusiast.
2. A person involved in filmmaking.
[French cinéaste, from ciné, cinema, short for cinéma; see cinema.]
We are the United Front of the Cinemese Army. A cluster of Movie & Great Television Show Fans that have joined together to create one blog. Different Generations, Backgrounds, Gender, and Favorite Films/TV Genres with a common love of film. Each writer of this blog watches all varieties of movies and intelligent television regularly and whether watching a beloved favorite, a contemporary classic, or trying out a new film we will come here to explain why we loved, loathed or was apathetic about a recently viewed picture or show. Please feel free to include your opinions as yourself (or if your guilty pleasures embarrass you, feel free to donate your two cents anonymously).

New Ideas and People are always Welcome!!

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Feb 2013- A year and a half after the birth of Cinematixyz, finally, a map!! Black on Black is hard to see, but I didn't think it through when making it. Was not exactly my best idea, nor my worst. =)

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